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Thai Stretching – Rockford, IL

Circle of Wellness now offers Thai Stretching therapy, administered by therapists that have been trained and educated in this specialty technique.

Thai Stretching Therapy is also referred to as Thai Yoga, because the practitioner uses their hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. People who try Thai stretching sometimes say it is a bit like doing yoga, but with the assistance of the practitioner to guide you into the poses, while also stretching, pulling and pressing. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during Thai stretching.

Benefits include:
– Relief from pain and muscle tension
– Complete stretch of full body to relieve muscle tightness
– Increased flexibility
– Improved range of motion
– Deep relaxation and stress relief
– Increased energy levels
– Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
– Increased athletic ability due to muscle stretching

Thai Stretching Poses
– A bridge pose is a position that opens the back and chest areas.
– The back press also opens the chest and as well as the shoulder areas.
– The king cobra pose stretches the middle and upper back, while simultaneously opening the chest and shoulder area.
– The cobra is a pose that stretches the middle and upper back while opening the chest and shoulder area.
– The butterfly pose stretches the hamstrings.
– The spinal twist in lying position stretches the back.
– The shoulder stand stretches the back and the quadriceps muscles.
– The plough pose stretches the neck and hamstrings.
– The fish pose stretches the back while opening the chest and shoulders.
– Half locust stretches the quadriceps and psoas muscles.
– The spinal twist is a pose that stretches the back on each side of the body


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