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Meet Circle of Wellness Staff and find out what techniques they specialize in.


Leila MacQueen Lic 227.003938

Leila, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT) is the founder of Circle of Wellness. Leila has been practicing for over 20 years in Illinois and Florida. She has advanced trainings in Medical Massage. Leila’s passion :“I want to offer a full “Circle of Wellness” to people in our community. The body is made up of systems all dependent on one another and you can’t treat one problem without treating the whole person. I want to help alleviate people’s pain the natural way through medical massage and give them services at a price they can afford,” she says .  Born and raised in Rockford, giving back to her community and supporting other local businesses is what drives her, she says

dr noe

Dr. Colleen Noe, D.C. Lic. 038.012245

Dr Colleen Noe received her Bachelors of Science in microbiology from Western Illinois University and her Doctor of Chiroptractic degree from Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri, where she has a second degree in human life science sciences. Her professional training includes a community based residency with chiropractic physicians, physical therapy and medical doctors. Dr Noe’s areas of focus include pediatric and pregnancy care, orthopedics and geriatric care. We are proud to have Dr Collen Noe, Integrative Family Healthcare, as part of our cause.

Audrey – Esthetician    Lic. 131.013777

My favorite skin care philosophy is ” taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up!” I’m an esthetician that specializes in skin care philosophy, laser procedures and makeup artistry.

International skin and beauty academy Schaumburg Illinois


Lorraine Watson –  Certified Reflexologist/Reiki Master

Lorraine is alumni of Circle of Wellness and worked with Leila and staff when she first began her Reflexology practice in 2008. 

In 2010, Lorraine earned a Reiki practitioner certificate and in 2015, ranked up to Master/Teacher of Reiki, Dr.Usui lineage. 

Lana Duncan-Hartgraves – Certified Hypnotist

Lana Duncan-Hartgraves(Lana’s Enchanted Skye) is a lifelong resident of the Stateline area. She is a 1991 and 1997 graduate of Rockford University, earning both her bachelor’s and Master’s in Art/French/Art History with a Master’s in Education/Special Education. She taught in the public schools  for 31 years in both Rockford, IL. and Beloit, Wi. She has been a practicing Psychic/ Medium and Reiki Master for over 30 years. 

She received her Hypnosis Certification in 2016, and is an active member in the National Hypnotist’s Guild. She is also a published author, artist, and has experience in counseling and Diagnostics. She is also an active animal communicator, extensive Gardner and owns and maintains a small farm with her husband and her horses, dogs, cats and chickens. She is a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 4. 

Her overall lifetime goal is to bring love and healing to the world through self awareness.

Massage Therapists & Estheticians

Jordan Freet  Lic 227.022066

Massage Therapist

Victoria McClain Lic. 227.021379

Licensed Massage Therapist

Bryan Welch Lic 227.012444

Licensed Massage Therapist

Pam Novak Lic. 227.009402

Licensed Massage Therapist

Emily Hilton Lic. 227.013309

Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah Turner Lic. 227.013843

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jamie Wagner

Massage Therapist

Sheri Dean Lic. 227.008943

Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda Downs lic. 227.021578

Licensed Massage Therapist

Dangelo Galspie Lic. 227.020171

Licensed Massage Therapist

Reese Herman- Lic. 227.021814

Licensed Massage Therapist

Ciara Kunz lic.227.021784

Licensed Massage Therapist

Richara Haley Lic. 227.018211

Licensed Massage Therapist

Phillip Roche- Lic. 227.017048

Licensed Massage Therapist

Maddy Ankele Lic. 227.021667

Licensed Massage Therapist

Angi Dunn

Licensed Massage Therapist  Lic. 227.020027
Licensed Esthetician Lic 132.000453

Megan Hoffman

Licensed Massage Therapist  Lic. 227.022159
Licensed Esthetician Lic 131.017698

Specialty Techniques by Therapeutic Staff

Click the links below to learn more about the specialty techniques offered at Circle of Wellness

All Therapists Are Trained In
Medical Massage
Neck Therapy
Prenatal Massage
Sports Massage
Swedish Massage
Therapeutic Stretching

Light/Relaxation/Swedish Massage

-Ciara   -Pam  -Emily  -Jamie  -Sheri  -Victoria -Sarah  -Amanda -Jay  -Richara  -Alma   -Angi -Phillip -Reese -Megan -Maddy

Medium Pressure Massage

-Bryan  -Ciara    -Pam  -Dangelo -Emily  -Jamie  -Sheri -Victoria  -Sarah  -Amanda -Jay  -Richara  -Alma  -Angi -Phillip -Reese -Maddy

Deep Pressure Massage

-Bryan   – Angi -Pam  -Dangelo -Emily  -Jamie  -Sheri -Victoria  -Sarah  -Jay -Richara  -Phillip -Reese

Extremely Deep Pressure Massage

-Bryan  -Sheri -Sarah -Phillip -Reese

Oncology Massage

-Bryan  -Pam  -Jamie -Sheri


-Pam  -Jamie  -Sarah  -Angi

Manual Lymphatic

-Emily  (Certified)   -Pam -Jamie  -Amanda -Richara

Rock Taping

-Dr. Noe  -Bryan   -Sheri  -Sarah -Phillip




-Lorraine -Jamie  -Sheri -Sarah -Phillip

Plantar Fasciitis


Breathing Training


Carpal Tunnel

 -Sheri  -Pam

Geriatric Massage

-Pam  -Jamie  -Sheri -Amanda  -Richara  – Angi -Phillip

Orthopedic Assessment




-Pam (Certified)   -Bryan  -Ciara    -Dangelo  -Jamie  -Victoria  -Sarah  -Richara -Phillip -Maddy

Cranial Myofascial


Thia Stretching


Rain Drop

-Pam  -Angi

Gua Sha


Upper/Lower Cross Syndrome

-Bryan  -Sheri  -Sarah -Maddy

LED Light Therapy


Pediatric Massage

 -Pam  -Jamie  -Sheri

Migraine & Tension Headaches

-Ciara -Victoria

Hot Stone Therapy

-Richara -Phillip


-Lorraine (Master) -Amanda (Level 1 & 2)


  -Sheri -Sarah  -Bryan

Sinus Massage

-Bryan  -Ciara  -Pam  -Jamie -Sheri  -Sarah  -Angi

Trigger Point Massage

-Bryan  -Emily   -Jamie -Sheri  -Victoria  -Sarah -Amanda  -Jay  -Richara -Alma  -Angi -Phillip -Reese -Megan -Maddy

Orthopedic Assessment


Fijian Massage


Shiatsu Neck Release

-Pam  -Sheri

Shoulder Therapy

-Bryan  -Jamie  -Sheri -Sarah -Angi -Phillip -Maddy


  -Dangelo  -Jamie  -Sarah -Amanda  -Amanda -Jay  -Richara -Phillip -Megan -Reese

Red Light Cupping


Rehab Staff


Rehab Tech / Personal Trainer


Rehab Tech


Rehab Tech



Rehab Tech


Front Office Staff




Assistant Manager


Front Office


Front Office


Front Office


Medical Billing Specialist

doc announcement

To read Dr Morgano's full obituary, please click the link.

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