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Skin Care Treatments – Rockford, IL

MedSpa offers a variety of Skincare treatments to meet your needs


Facials are offered with PCA Product – medical grade products or with Dermalogical- mid grade products

Facial Treatments

Chemical Peel


Infusion Therapies

Hydrodermabrasion system with incredible components for a complete facial


Radiofrequency Therapy

Oxygen Therapy 

Body Scrub

This wonderful full body scrub exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft, using coconut salt scrub or charcoal stem cell salt scrub followed by a seaweed mud wrap for anti-cellulite and detoxing to promote slimming.

Microcurrent and Microneedling Therapy

Microcurrent  Therapy is available at Circle of Wellness.  To find out more about this service click the link below. 

Microneedling  Therapy is available at Circle of Wellness.  To find out more about this service click the link below. 


Brazilian Vagacial Waxing
–  Waxing at First Appt
–  2 Week Follow-up Appt
–  Exfoliation
–  Hyperpigmentation (bleaching)
–  Ingrown Hair Treatment

What is a vagacial?

The vagacial is a spa treatment performed on the vulva of the vagina. Focusing on the bikini line and outer labia. It does not actually deal with the inter vagina.

What is the purpose of a vagacial?

A vagacial treats ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells, smooths bumps around bikini line, prevents acne, helps with hyperpigmentation, all to maintain healthy and hydrated skin in the vaginal area.

What does the procedure consist of?

A vagacial includes a cleanse, mild enzyme exfoliant, extractions of ingrown hairs, completed with a skin brightening serum or spot treatment.

When should you get a vagacial ?

Vagacials are usually follow up treatments to help deal with side effects of hair removal on the vagina. It is recommended to get a vagacial up to 7 days post shaving or receiving a wax. It can also be done the same day as a Brazilian wax.

What are some benefits of a vagacial ?

Vagacials can help with evening out skin tone around the bikini and get rid of bacteria and skin-brightening treatments to lessen discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Helps with vaginal skin care, preventing irritation from waxing/shaving. Along with maintaining upkeep and promoting cosmetic benefits of the vagina, the vagacial also promotes body positivity.


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