cimgChiropractic is a form of medicine that emphasizes treatment and prevention and mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. These disorders can directly affect the health of the nervous system, in return affecting the major systems of the body, such as; cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive as well as others. Our chiropractor uses a multi-pronged approach in treating his patients. This allows him to treat not only the musculoskeletal disorders but also the systems that may have become obstructed due to subjugation. The body must be treated inside and out, complete circle of wellness for optimal health.

Circle of Wellness now offers MyoVision Scan and Dynamic ROM.

myovisionThe MyoVision Scan takes 90 seconds and is completely safe, painless and non-invasive. The MyoVision sEMG ScanVisions read the voltage that the muscles in your spine naturally emit. These readings look at the level of voltage and the patterns of directionality, which allows your healthcare professional to determine if your spine and nervous system are functioning optimally. For more information about MyoVision Scan click here

normal_lumbar_flexion_dynarom1abnormal_dynarom_lum_flexDynaROM revolutionizes the process by establishing whether a patient’s ROM is representative of their condition. Limited range of motion without muscle guarding (as measured simultaneously with dynamic sEMG) indicates potential symptom magnification. For those with limited range and significant muscle guarding, the opposite is true. There currently is no other means of establishing presence or absence of Soft Tissue Injury.
After the Florida Case, establishing validity of the tool for evaluating soft tissue injury before a Superior Court, the DynaROM sEMG has quickly become the tool of choice by modern doctors.
To view more information about DynaROM click here .