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Types of hypnosis depend on YOU and your needs and interests! I tailor each hypnosis individually. We do this by question and answer intake. Some types of hypnosis that may help  include;

Releasing anxiety/depression

Increasing Motivation or confidence

Breaking bad habits(weightloss, smoking, nail biting, drinking, overspending)

Releasing fears and Trauma(through past life regression)

Increasing relaxation response

Increasing skills, such as test taking or athletic performance.

There are hundreds of different scenarios available, depending upon your situation.


Pricing:  Sessions are $200 this includes an initial appt with one follow-up

Lana Duncan-Hartgraves – Certified Hypnotist

Lana Duncan-Hartgraves(Lana’s Enchanted Skye) is a lifelong resident of the Stateline area. She is a 1991 and 1997 graduate of Rockford University, earning both her bachelor’s and Master’s in Art/French/Art History with a Master’s in Education/Special Education. She taught in the public schools  for 31 years in both Rockford, IL. and Beloit, Wi. She has been a practicing Psychic/ Medium and Reiki Master for over 30 years. 

She received her Hypnosis Certification in 2016, and is an active member in the National Hypnotist’s Guild. She is also a published author, artist, and has experience in counseling and Diagnostics. She is also an active animal communicator, extensive Gardner and owns and maintains a small farm with her husband and her horses, dogs, cats and chickens. She is a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 4. 

Her overall lifetime goal is to bring love and healing to the world through self awareness.

Chiropractic, Massage and Overall Wellness