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Red Light Therapy is a therapeutic technology that uses red and near infrared wavelengths of light to naturally stimulate the body (at the cellular level) to produce more ATP (energy). This increased production is a significant component of cellular regeneration which is responsible for improving and boosting new cell growth. It’s been proven that this biochemical reaction results in a multitude of health benefits.

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For fine lines and wrinkles, scars, bruises, burns, stretch marks, acne, redness and pigmentation

Skin Benefits

Red-light technology is made up of powerful and concentrated red and near-infrared wavelengths that penetrates and stimulates the skin at the cellular level. It’s extremely effective for boosting intradermal collagen production which result in the following all natural outcomes with no pain, side effects or downtime.
– Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
– Reduced inflammation
– Reduced redness and pigmentation
– Reduced acne breakouts


Naturally slim, shape and tone the body. No surgery, no pain, no downtime

Weight Loss Benefits

Naturally slim, shape and tone the body. Clinical research indicates Red Light Therapy helps with weight management including cellulite reduction by reducing and shrinking fat cells easily and naturally. No cells or tissues are damaged or destroyed during a treatment. Unlike other solutions that require medication or surgery, Red Light Therapy is a safe and a drug-free non-invasive solution for your patients to lose weight.


Pain management and whole-body healing

Healing Benefits

When it comes to pain management and whole-body healing, Red Light Therapy is the answer. This natural therapy has had extraordinary results on the painful and challenging health conditions people deal with on a daily basis. Here are just a few conditions Red Light Therapy can help heal
– Arthritis
– Autoimmune Disorders
– Burns
– Inflammation & Joint Pain
– Migraines
– Sciatica
– Stretch Marks
– And More


For muscle recovery and performance


RED LIGHT FOR PRE AND POST WORKOUT Red light penetrates deep into muscles and joints, increasing circulation, nutrient delivery, oxygenation as well as removal of toxins, and cellular repair. RED LIGHT FOR PAIN Red light will stimulate the release of nitric oxide, causing more blood flow while allowing more oxygen to be delivered to the cells. This increases ATP production stimulating pain relieving effects and decreased inflammation, resulting in long-lasting healthy muscle and tissue repair.

Visible Results

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