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Rejuvenate the mind, balance the body Raindrop Therapy Technique is the application or pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to the feet, spine and neck. The technique combines several massage modalities with seven specific essential oils to bring balance, alignment and rejuvenation to the body in a holistic, non-invasive manner. During your session, the oils are applied neat (undiluted) first to the feet using the vita-flow technique. Then, the oils are dropped, one by one, directly onto the spine. The oils are massaged into the spine using various ways, specific to the oil used. Finally, hot compresses are applied to the back, bringing the oils deep into the body. Light stretching is provided before and after.

The benefits of Raindrop Technique: Balance and re-alignment of the body: Valor essential oil has been referred to as “chiropractor in a bottle.” – Reduction of stress and anxiety: many of the oils used support the feeling of well-being while also releasing negative emotions. Releases muscle discomfort and tension. – Supports healthy immune system: thyme and oregano essential oils are high in antioxidants which support the immune, respiratory and nervous system. – Emotional well-being: by inhibiting the limbic system (brain stem), essential oils are able to help balance emotions. – Aids in detoxification: oils high in phenols help cleanse cellular receptor sites. – Some have even reported to being taller!


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