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Cupping Therapy – Rockford, IL

Cupping therapy is the use of suction to rapidly release, loosen and lift connective tissue. This breaks up and drains toxins while increasing blood and lymphatic flow to the skin and muscles.

General Cupping
Cupping is incorporated into the massage. No extra charge beyond price for 1 hour massage

For all cupping treatments below
Extra cost and extra time required to incorporate massage.

Cellulite Cupping
Helps treat cellulite on arms, glutes, thighs, and abdomen

Blanket Cupping
Helps treat depression, anxiety, stress and addictions

Magnet Cupping
Helps treat herniated discs, sciatica neuromuscular disease, MS, Parkinson’s

Dynamic Cupping
Helps treat joint related issues.

Facial Cupping
Helps treat TMJ, sinus issues, allergies and migraines

Free phone consult available for all cupping treatments.


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