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“My first visit was 7/31/2015. Arriving after an ER visit two days prior and treated for extreme back spasms. At the hospital, I received 2 injections and several medications but felt I needed something more. A friend referred me to Circle of Wellness I called and got an appointment the next day. The staff was caring and friendly; the office relaxed me. The best part was the healing hands of a deep tissue massage and it took the full hour to work out the kinks! I had never felt better! So much so, that I returned to work the next day….a bit sore, but nothing like the days before when I could barely walk! Yes, I will make full use of the many wonderful services offered at Circle of Wellness Thank you very much! When you go, tell ’em you read my review. Happy wellness to us all!”
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I love the deep tissue massage because I suffer from chronic pain. The massage therapists do a great job wether you want a deep tissue massage or not. The staff including the doctors are very friendly. The owner has done an amazing job with the business by constantly looking for ways to do things better!
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I recently had Circle of Wellness at a breast cancer event I organized this past weekend, and all of the women that attended the event loved them! They did a great job giving chair massages and bringing such positive energy to the event. Very personable and professional massage therapists. I highly recommend them!
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I am a firm believer that God puts people in your life for a reason! I walked into the new Circle of Wellness location mid December, 2016 with severe pain on both sides of my shoulders AND lower back pain that I could hardly stand for one more minute! I have had 4 surgeries in 5 months with the last two having a plate put in my neck & 3 weeks later 2 rods in my lower back! Needless to say when I walked into Circle of Wellness I just wanted some relief from the pain! Thank you to my daughter for suggesting it. God new that meeting Leila & Dr. Morgano would change my life. I received 2-3 medical massages a week….BRYAN & MIKE worked their magic & even though it felt like a slow healing process I have achieved TWO PAIN FREE full days!!! I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH GRATITUDE I HAVE TO THESE PEOPLE THAT CARE! Bryan & Mike are skilled, talented, caring, miracle workers that are truly amazing!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU *** I have been blessed*** & I will keep coming back!
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“I have been a client for over twelve years ! You will truly NEVER get a better massage anywhere else!”
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“I’ve referred multiple people to Circle of Wellness over the last several years and everyone always has only positive things to say. For Valentines Day this year, I paid for me and my date to both have hour long massages and she couldn’t have been happier. This facility is always very well kept, clean, and relaxing. The massage therapists are top of the line.”
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There are a variety of services offered at Circle of Wellness, I have not used all of the services offered at Circle of Wellness, but I have had massages, chiropractic, acupuncture, laser treatments, shockwave treatment, Trifecta red light therapy, and infrared sauna. ----- For chiropractic and acupuncture, I saw Dr Morgano and was very impressed with all of the tools to help relieve pain beside chiropractic and needles. Once Dr Morgano was gone, the transition to Dr Noe was very smooth and very good. ----- Shockwave treatment was helpful in treating my sore hip pain that had gotten so bad, I couldn’t even sit for more than 20 min without it locking up. I have a torn hip and autoimmune disease causing my muscles and to be very stiff. ----- Red light therapy has helped in decreasing pain that didn’t resolve with shockwave. My IT band and Achilles tendon are a lot more supple than before I started. They used to be very stiff. With different settings red light therapy can treat a wide variety of ailments beyond pain. ----- The sauna is helpful in detoxifying, pain, and is the equivalent of a cardiovascular workout. I definitely notice a relaxation feeling like that after a workout. ----- There are a lot of massage therapists to choose from here and they do their best to target your problem areas. A massage is a lot more affordable here, especially if you sign up for the massage membership program.

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