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Insurance Verification Form – Rockford, IL

Important Insurance Information

This notice is to help clarify the relationship that you have with Circle of Wellness as an insurance patient. If you are receiving insurance services at Circle of Wellness, your care is being overseen and billed under Integrative Family Healthcare, LLC Dr. Colleen Noe’s corporation or under Dr. Nellie Christ, Dr. Nellie Christ’s Corporation.

Please be aware that Dr. Colleen Noe sets her own fees for services and is a separate company from Circle of Wellness. Therefore, receiving tissue work, manual therapy that is billed to your insurance by Integrative Family Healthcare, LLC or Dr. Nellie Christ is not the same cost that Circle of Wellness charges. Integrative Family Healthcare, LLC, Dr. Nellie Christ, and Circle of Wellness are three separate companies and set their own fees for services.

Circle of Wellness handles all business transactions for all three companies and is legally contracted as the medical management group for Integrated Family Healthcare, LLC and Dr. Nellie Christ.

If you are an insurance patient and want to receive cash services from Circle of Wellness, you are welcome to do so.

Thank You,
Circle of Wellness and Integrative Family Healthcare, LLC

Insurance Verification Form

The following form is to be used collect insurance information from patients that wish to see if their insurance will cover services provided at Circle of Wellness.  By submitting this form, you agree to allow the Circle of Wellness billing department to contact your insurance.

For questions call or email the billing department 779-423-1700 or [email protected]

We accept insurances including:

We also accept flexible spending accounts, and auto accident injury claims.

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